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P1 Travel is appointed as a Non-exclusive Officially Appointed Sales Agent of MATCH Hospitality in the Netherlands for the sale of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Official Hospitality Programme.

The biggest tournament in the world returns. Get your hospitality packages from P1 Travel and ensure yourself an unforgettable experience.

frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions regarding your ticket, hotel, package, payment or something else? Our FAQ can help you out. Check our FAQ below or go straight to the questions about:


General Questions

Who is P1 Travel?

The team of P1 Travel consists of young, enthusiastic and highly motivated ‘event junkies’ who understand that visiting an event is more than just a concert or a sports match, it’s a true experience. We want your experience to start before the actual event and to be unforgettable for a lifetime. We can provide all types of official travel packages and tickets for each event; from an inexpensive access to the most luxurious hospitality packages. We are official reseller of the biggest clubs and venues worldwide.

Can I reach you if I have any issues?

After purchasing your ticket, you can use our emergency customer support hotline number 0031 6 2803 9225. This number should only be used by existing customers in case of any issues regarding the purchased tickets. It’s important to inform us as soon as possible about any problems with the ticket itself or its delivery. This service is available 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact us: we are here to help you in case of urgent issues.

Are my seats together?

Tickets will be seated together in pairs of 2. For a lot of clubs and sports, we can arrange more seats together, depending on the allocation we have. Therefore, we recommend you to check per category how you will be seated. This is mentioned in the description of the seats. If you wish to have more seats together, please contact our team to check the availability and prices.

Are you able to facilitate large groups to be seated together?

Depending on the venue and/or event we can offer large groups to be seated together. Please contact our team on to check the availability and options for group requests.

The event I would like to visit is ‘On request’ on the website. What should I do?

It might happen that the availability on the website runs out as the event is getting closer. Please contact our team so we can check availability with the clubs and our partners for the requested event.

Are the match dates confirmed?

The exact match date and time will be confirmed around 6-8 weeks prior to the event. It will always be possible that dates change due to television rights or cup games. Please check the official channels of clubs and leagues to make sure you are counting on the correct date.

What happens if a game date is moved and I cannot attend?

Weekend games will normally be played on Saturday or Sunday. In the small chance a match is moved to Friday or Monday around that same weekend, we cannot cancel the order without any charges. Please make sure to book your tickets or package in a way that the event can be visited. In case an event will be moved 2 days or even weeks from the original weekend, and you are not able to attend, we will try to resell the purchased tickets. You can off course keep the tickets for the new date as well. Please note that the resell price may vary or may be lower than the original price.

Am I allowed to wear team clothes or merchandise?

Depending on the venue and category the restrictions on clothing may vary. Please check the product page to make sure there aren’t any restrictions in clothing. Away fans are not allowed to wear any away teams clothing. The venue may deny access to any away fan. P1 Travel is not responsible for anyone who is trying to enter the stadium with away team clothing.


Can I also book a trip with a 1-night stay?

Matches are often only determined shortly in advance. As a result, we therefore offer the packages long enough that all possible dates fall within the trip. Once the match has been established, the package can be shortened to one overnight stay. For some clubs we also offer seats only, without hotel accommodation.

How will I know if tickets or packages are available?

All the tickets and packages we offer on our website are available at the time of booking – they are constantly updated. Of course, it may be that tickets or packages are sold out. In that case, P1 Travel will either offer an alternative or immediately refund your payment.

What happens after my booking?

Immediately after payment (step 3), you will receive an email confirmation detailing your itinerary. This confirmation includes all of your choices (match, hotel, any extras). Your travel documents will be emailed to you as a PDF file no later than 10 days prior to departure.

The contents of the travel documents are as follows:

Confirmation of hotel, including a confirmation/booking code and vouchers. You can check in at the hotel by showing your passport. You may also be asked to present the hotel vouchers.

Confirmation of tickets. We also indicate how your tickets will be delivered or instructions to pick up the tickets. If you have booked a stadium tour, you will also receive the vouchers for this with your tickets.

If you have booked transfers or any other extras, these will also be included with your travel documents.

I did not receive my booking confirmation?

Please first check your spam. If you still haven’t received the confirmation, please contact our support team via

Can I cancel after I placed an order?

All orders will bind you and cannot be cancelled without written acceptance of cancellation by P1 Travel. Nevertheless, in case of cancellation request, P1 Travel will try to resell your ticket in attempt to recover as much of your money as possible. We cannot guarantee a sale completes at all and in some cases, this could be substantially less than what you originally paid. In case you booked a package included hotel, unfortunately, the booking cannot be cancelled once it’s booked.

I made a mistake in my name, can I change this?

Yes, you can. You can email any changes to us via and we will help you with this. Please be aware that airlines usually charge a fee for this.

Can I book by phone?

Yes, you can. Our staff members will be more than happy to help you by telephone and go through the different booking steps.

What if I can’t travel due COVID-19?

During the Covid-19 period we have set up several scenarios in case you are not able to travel or the event you booked is cancelled/behind closed doors. You can find these scenarios in our Terms and Conditions as well as on our Covid-19 page. Due the Covid-19 we offer our P1 Travel Insurance.


What is included with the hospitality tickets?

This depends on the event and the category selected. On the product page there is a description about what is included with the tickets. For some events we offer seat only as well.

Why do the categories vary for the same football club or venue?

We might have different options for different matches of the same club. We do buy more inventory based on popularity of the game and this extra inventory does vary from our seasonal stock.

Can I change my order after I have placed a booking already?

Yes, in case you would like to change the quantity or category after you have already placed a booking, please contact our team as soon as possible. We will try to change the booking as close as possible to your needs. Please note that prices might have been changed after the original booking. Extra costs will be applied if needed.

How will the tickets be delivered?

Check the delivery options by clicking on the delivery button next to the seating button in the product pages. There are several options possible for each ticket category. Different categories may have various delivery options, even for the same event. Usually we supply the tickets to your hotel in the city of the event, at latest the night before match day. The delivery is made by local courier services. Additional delivery options are e-ticket, mobile ticket and flash seats. Delivery information may change and we may contact you as soon as we know more about it. Please be sure to check your e-mails from time to time when traveling.

When will I receive my ticket?

In case of hardcopy tickets/passes we supply the tickets to your hotel in the city of the event, at latest the night before match day. E-tickets, Mobile tickets and Flash seats will be sent out approximately 1-5 days before the event date. Of course, we will do our utmost best to send out the e-tickets earlier then 1-5 days before.

We are not staying in a hotel in the city of the event. How can we arrange the delivery of tickets?

Please contact the P1 Travel team as soon as possible (at latest one week prior to the match) when this is applicable on your order. We will in most cases be able to provide you with an alternative solution, usually by offering a collection point at the venue.

Should I inform the hotel about the arrival of the tickets?

It’s important that you inform your hotel. They should know you’re expecting an envelope and the hotel reception must receive the delivery and sign for it. Make sure the hotel is willing to sign and keep the envelope for you. Also, P1 Travel should know under which name the room was booked. But make sure that you don’t mention that you’re waiting for tickets, to avoid theft. P1 Travel shall not be held liable in case of failed delivery due to the hotel’s refusal to accept the envelope on your behalf.

What if I lose my ticket?

Unfortunately, P1 Travel can’t offer a refund or replacement in case of lost, stolen or damaged tickets. When you have received your tickets, they are your property. Make sure you’ll save your tickets in a secure environment.

Did I receive the correct tickets?

When you think you received the incorrect tickets, compare the tickets with the information of your order. If this is incorrect, please contact our customer service team immediately.

Why is there a different name listed on my tickets?

P1 Travel is a reseller of tickets for various events. We buy tickets through a large network of clubs and suppliers. The name that you’ll see on your ticket is the name of the original purchaser. This information has to remain on the ticket, otherwise it will no longer be valid. However, each ticket has a unique bar code, by which the validity of the ticket is guaranteed.

Do you also sell match tickets outside of a package deal?

Yes, for some clubs and events we are able to offer you seats only without any hotel included.

Is it possible to reserve a wheelchair seat in the stadium?

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to reserve a wheelchair seat for foreign visitors at many clubs. If you wish to request a wheelchair seat, please contact us and we try do our best to help you.

Where in the stadium will I be sitting?

During the booking process we indicate your seat locations market in red at the seating chart. You will be seated in these locations or, in case seats are unavailable, you will receive an upgraded seat. It’s also possible to upgrade the seats yourself.


Is the price on the website per person?

Yes, all the prices on the website are per person. They are modified during the booking process depending on your choices. The receipt on the right side of the screen displays the total amount and gives you a breakdown of all the prices.

Do your prices include VAT?

The prices stated on our website always include VAT. As a travel agency, which falls under travel agency regulations, we do not charge VAT to our customers.

Are there any extra costs on top of the price for the tickets or package?

There are no additional costs on top of the price for your booking. We work with total prices. This makes it easy to see what the rates exactly are. The only exception is if you pay by credit card: banks charge a 3.5% fee of the total cost of your booking.

Are there any discounts for students, children or seniors (60+)?

Unfortunately not. Every person attending the event will need to buy the same ticket. Even young children or babies will need to have a ticket.

Why is the price we paid for the ticket different than the price printed on the ticket?

The prices shown online may vary from day to day due to availability and demand for the events. Venues sometimes change prices as events are getting closer and so do we.


How will I receive my tickets?

For the events listed on our website there are 4 types of tickets. Depending on the venue and/or event, the ticket type will vary.

Option 1: Paper tickets. We will make sure that your package will be ready at your hotel reception at latest one day prior the game. Our customer service team will contact you in order to check your accommodation to guarantee a safe and secure delivery. In case it is not possible to deliver to your accommodation in the event city, we are able to send the package to your home address on time or arrange a hand over with one of our local couriers.

Option 2: E-tickets. Some clubs or events work with e-tickets only. We will send you the e-tickets per e-mail in the week prior to the game, before you are travelling to the event city. In that case you are able to print the ticket at home.

Option 3: Mobile tickets. Some venues provide so called mobile tickets only. This is a file which can only be opened on a smartphone with a wallet on it. Most smartphones have a wallet installed on it when installed for the first time. We will provide a full instruction together with the mobile tickets, which will be e-mailed to you on time.

Option 4: Box Office Collection. There are venues or events at which the tickets can only be collected at the Official Box Office of the venue. We will need one lead name to provide to the venue to arrange the reservation. By showing a photo-id, the tickets will be given out at the Box Office. Full instructions will be send to you on time to make sure you have time enough to collect the tickets.

When do I need to provide my hotel details to make sure the tickets are delivered on time?

We understand that you might not have booked a hotel while booking the tickets on our website. We ask you to provide your details directly after you have booked your accommodation. In case there is no accommodation at all in the event city, please let us know so that our logistics team can arrange another way to deliver your package.

What if the hotel cannot find my package while I’m checking in?

Please contact our emergency number as soon as possible. This phone number will be provided to you after the booking process. We have full information about who received the package at the reception, the date and time of delivery and a signature of the person who signed. This way we can always find the envelope.

How do I receive my tickets if I arrive in the event city on the matchday?

It’s not possible to deliver the tickets to your hotel, we will make sure that you receive the tickets at your home address before you travel to the event city. We can even arrange a Box Office Collection for the events who provide paper tickets, in that case the tickets can be collected on matchday right next to the stadium. We will communicate this on time.


What time do I have to enter the stadium or venue?

On the product pages you’ll find more specific information regarding opening hours of the lounges and bars (if that’s included in your hospitality package). Most of the stadiums are open two and a half hours before kick-off. Come early to avoid busy public transport times and security checks.

What is the best way to travel from the city centre to the stadium?

It really depends on the city, but if you want to go early the best ways to get to the stadium is by taxi or Uber. The metro/tube would also be a good option because at most stadiums or venues there is a metro/tube station within walking distance. On matchdays the city centre can be very busy, and the traffic will be horrible. Come early to avoid any problems or stress.


Can the date of travel be amended during the booking process?

Yes, it’s possible to amend the date of travel during the booking process. However, please note that the travel time is tailored to the (probable) start (and end) time of the match, so you can’t travel any later than recommended. This ensures that you won’t miss the game.

Is the hotel close to the stadium?

Usually, the hotel is not too close to the stadium. The majority of stadiums are located in areas outside of the city centre which aren’t particularly nice areas to stay in. In most cases, we opt for a hotel in other neighborhoods which are closer to – or in – the centre. This allows you to enjoy the city as well as the match.

Why does the hotel selection change on your site?

Our search & booking system is linked in real-time to the reservation systems of the hotels. This means that only those with availability are displayed. Once a hotel is fully booked it will immediately disappear from our site which is why the selection can differ per search. This does ensure however that there is no chance of double bookings – and that you are always guaranteed the hotel you’ve chosen during the booking process.

Does the price of the hotel include breakfast?

You can choose whether or not you would like breakfast in Step 1 of the booking process.

At what time can I check in at the hotel?

You can check in immediately upon arrival and, if needed, leave your luggage at the hotel before heading to the match or into town. It may be that you won’t yet be able to go to your room because most hotels don’t allow access until 2 p.m. This is because rooms are being cleaned in the morning. However, if your room hasn’t been used the night before, you may be able to go straight to your room upon arrival.

How do I enter my room preferences?

When booking a room for more than two people, our search & booking system will ask for your room preferences. You can find more information about this in the confirmation email.


Is it safe to pay online at P1 Travel?

It is completely safe to pay online at P1 Travel. The payment process is secured by VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) and takes place on a secure server. A secure connection is indicated by the padlock icon in the address/URL bar of your browser. Furthermore, your payment and bank details are never stored.

What are the different payment methods?

You can pay with multiple credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard. We also accept Ideal payments in the Netherlands.

When do I receive the confirmation of my booking?

You should receive a confirmation email immediately after completion of the payment process. If you don’t receive one, please check your Junk Mail Folder. If you still can’t find it, contact us as soon as possible.

Can I use the right of withdrawal?

No, the right of withdrawal for online purchases is not valid for travel. It’s also not possible to terminate the contract for the supply of our services without a valid reason. When you book tickets or a package, different travel components are assigned to your name and therefore can’t be cancelled. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions in which we explain the rules that apply to our tickets & packages.


Do I need any identification on entering the venue?

We always advise everyone to bring a valid photo ID to avoid problems by entering the stadium. In case tickets need to be collected from the official Box Office on matchday, a photo-ID is required in order to obtain the tickets.

The package got lost at the hotel or with the secured mail, what now?

In case a package gets lost with the post, we will make sure that replacement tickets will be delivered or are available to collect from the Box Office on matchday. We will communicate this on time.

Are transfers from the airport to the stadium or hotel included?

Transfers are not included in your package. You will, however, receive detailed information in the travel documents about public transport – including directions to the stadium and hotel. You can also take a taxi if you prefer. We can also arrange the transfer for you. Please contact us by email to ask a quote for the transfer service. After you received the quote, you can decide whether you want to add the transfer service to your booking.

When will the match time be finalized?

This varies for each country. The match schedule and times are approximate and only intended to give you an indication when booking your tickets or package. During the course of the season, matches can change times or even day. This is due to live TV broadcasts or European competition obligations. In Spain, for instance, the start time is announced just 3 weeks in advance. In other countries, this is usually 2 to 4 weeks.

Is it possible to give a sports trip or tickets as a gift?

Yes, that’s possible. You can even choose the value of the gift voucher and let us personalize it for you! See the ‘Gift voucher’ page for more information about how to give someone tickets to an event as a present.

Some members of our group want to go on the trip, but not to the event. Is that possible?

Yes, this is usually possible. Please contact us and let us know which event it concerns and we’ll see how we can help you.


Does your website use cookies?

Yes, our website uses cookies. If you don’t wish to receive cookies, you can easily disable them by changing the settings in your browser. For information on how to do this please refer to the Help menu of your browser.

How does P1 Travel ensure my privacy?

We protect your personal information and privacy in accordance with the current legislation in force. This means we will never pass your information on to third parties. We explain our procedures and how we handle your sensitive information in our Privacy Policy.

Will my surfing behavior be registered on your website?

Yes, we record your browsing habits, but only to improve your surfing experience on our site. This information does not contain any personal (privacy-sensitive) data and is only used internally by P1 Travel.